(Brisbane Mawkab Imam Hussain a.s.)
Salamalaikum Brothers & Sisters,

As you all are aware the conditions has worsen due to bush fires across NSW and QLD. We at ISCQ are letting everyone know that in the hour of need our doors are open for anyone who needs a Safe place to stay from the terrifying conditions. Our community centre will be open with volunteers to help you through these hard times. Please free to contact us 24/7 on any of the following numbers
0410388033- Manager
0431437912- Aun

We are located at Islamic Center Brisbane 50 Parramatta Road, Underwood, QLD 4119

For Police, Fire and Ambulance call 000

Please download QLDFires app to be updated by bushfires in your surroundings.

For the safety of all Please try to help and share pay Charity- Safqa whatever amount, you can deposit online too:

Pay Iftar / Sadqa / Khumus / Fitra / Donation

May Allah keep us all safe with the blessing of Ahlulbait A.S




Allhamdolillah Shia Council has organised ‘Realise Your Potential’ RYP program for developing the YOUTH of our community in various trades. InshaAllah our Plan includes but not limited to:

• Organise training sessions
• Mentoring
• Assist in CV development
• Assist in Job placements

Please note that this is FREE of cost!

For enrolling in the program and for further information please contact Dr Issa Taqavi 0431088958 email info@iscq.org

Please try to inform your family and friends who have youths interested to participate in the program