Quiz Competition

_*”Allah surely wants to keep sin away from you, O People of the House! And to purify you an absolute purification”.*_

                        _(Qur’an 33:33)_

*Ahl al-Kisa Quiz Competition*

In this blessed month of Dhu’l-Hijjah, Iet’s increase our love & knowledge of the Holy Prophet (s) & his Blessed Family (a) through a fun, family GAME SHOW!

Date/Day: *Saturday 31st July*

Time: *6:00 pm*(after Maghrib salat)

Venue: Islamic Center Brisbane (ISCQ), 50 Paramatta Rd, Underwood

  • Grand Prizes for winners!

  • certificates for all contestants!

  • Open for ALL ages

  • TEAM participation

For details and registration please click on the link:


For further queries please contact 043 526 2021 or

visit our website www.ISCQ.org

_please recite a Salwaat to hasten the reappearance of our Master Imam al-Mahdi (ajtf)_