Allhamdolillah pls find below link for an e-version of the Ramadan Calendar and Namaz / Iftar times (ideal for your phone). Pls download and share with your family and friends too.



The printed version (Hard copy) are also available and can be collected from our  various community businesses

During these tough times let’s try to support our community local shops and businesses

print ramazan 2021 final



Month of Sha’aban (A’amaal and Dua’s List)

Excellence of the Month of Sha’baan

The Merits of the Month & 1st day of Shaaban | Salat for New Lunar Month | Mp3 duas



Daily /Regular A’amal The Invocation of Shabaniyah
Daily Salawat on Prophet (sa)-By Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s)
3rd Sha’aban- Imam Hussain (as) Birth
4th Shabaan Birth – Hz Abbas(as) | Ziarat 5th Shabaan Birth Imam Ali ibn Hussein Zainul Abiden(as)
A’amal for 13, 14, 15th Sha’aban (Ayam e Bayz )
15th Sha’aban – Night A’amal & Birth of Imam Mehdi atfs
Ziyarat of Imam Husain (a.s.) on 15th Sha’aban
Know more about Imam Mahdi (atfs) Sahifa-e-Mahdi (atfs) Imam Mahdi (atfs) duas
Aa’mal Self Assessment form (in word) Dua’a For Last 3 Days of Sha’aban
Mp3 Audio Sha’aban Duas
Month of Ramadhan duas
Preperation for Ramadhan Month -Book Have we prepared for the Month of Ramadhan
Duas for the first of Ramadhan month


From www.ziaraat.org
3rd Birth of Imam Hussain(a.s.) the 3rd Holy Imam (4 A.H.)
4th – Birth of Hazrat Abbas(a.s.) (26 A.H.)
5th Birth of Imam Ali Zain-al-Abideen(a.s.) the 4th Holy Imam (38 A.H.)
8th Beginning of GhaibateSughra of Imam Mohammad Mehdi(atfs) – the 12th Holy Imam – (260 A.H.)
11th Birth of Hazrat Ali Akbar(a.s.) (44 A.H.)
15th Birth of Imam Mohammad Mehdi(atfs) – the 12th Holy Imam (255 A.H.)



Allhamdolillah Shia Council has organised ‘Realise Your Potential’ RYP program for developing the YOUTH of our community in various trades. InshaAllah our Plan includes but not limited to:

• Organise training sessions
• Mentoring
• Assist in CV development
• Assist in Job placements

Please note that this is FREE of cost!

For enrolling in the program and for further information please contact Dr Issa Taqavi 0431088958 email info@iscq.org

Please try to inform your family and friends who have youths interested to participate in the program