Islamic Center Brisbane Renovation Update!

Islamic Center Brisbane Renovation Update!

You will be pleased to know that Allhamdolillah the downstairs renovation works design for adding additional toilets has been completed and the Construction work Contract has been awarded. Work has also commenced at the Center!

Please be extra careful to ensure the safety of your self and your family during the eight weeks period of construction while the builders are working onsite.

Kindly note that temporary toilets have been arranged and placed at the back area next to Funeral services room which will always be available.

With everyone’s assistance and support InshaAllah daily and Juma salah, and regular programmes will InshaAllah continue upstairs as per the schedule with minimum disruption.

Pls DONATE GENEROUSLY for Renovation Works. This is a unique opportunity for you to join us in this Sadqa e Jariya for yourselves or Ithaale Sawaab of your Marhumeens.

For any donation big or small
Deposit directly to:
Account Name ISCQ
BSB 034061 Acc No 320791

Please recite salawat to hasten the return of Imam al Hujjah (af)

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