Ya Hussain


    Salaam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

    Due to the illness of our Resident scholar Moulana Enaytullah Zara and rise in Covid cases and In the interest of wellbeing and health & safety of our community, Daily Prayers including all the programs, volunteers breakfast etc at Islamic Center Brisbane (ISCQ) are cancelled From Now till further notice!

    This means there will be No Juma prayers today Friday 14 January!

    For all inquiries Call ISCQ helpline on
    0410 388 033

    We ask Allah (SWT) in the names and rights of the 14 Masoomen a.s to keep all of us in good health, grant good health to our Moulana Enaytullah Zara and to those who are in need, and alleviate our suffering in this world. May Allah hasten the appearance of the our Imam Zamaan Ajf.

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