Ramadan Moonsighting Information

Alhamdulilah the moon has been sighted 1st of holy month of Ramadan shall be tomorrow Tuesday 07 May

Pls join us from Tomorrow everyday for FAJAR ZAHUR MAGRIB Jamat Namaz delicious Iftar, special Ramazan Dua spiritual Speech and Quran Recitation program starts at Magrib Azan time at Islamic Center Brisbane (ISCQ) 50 Parramatta Road Underwood

“On the first night of Ramaz?n al Mubarak one should take a bath, recite Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s.) & recite Dua-e-Hilal.”

We ask Allah to make this a blessed month for all, filled with spiritual unity, forgiveness, charity, worship, and mercy.

Shia Council Moonsighting Team