Ya Hussain

Muharram Weekly Program

InshaAllah please join us every Saturday night *live and online* Muharram Program continues in English at Islamic Center Brisbane and will be addressed by various Guest Speakers 

Conditions of entry:

– QR code *must* be scanned at entry

– SOPs should be followed on premises

– *Masks* must be worn at all times for *everyone over 12 yrs of age*. Under 12 yrs are recommended to wear masks as well.

-Open Niaz cannot be distributed at the Islamic Center; please discuss Packed Niaz distribution with Management.

Weekly Program Schedule 

• Magrib Prayers

• Ziarat Ashura

• Holy Quran recitation

• Speech

• Matamdari

• Nazar

*Live streaming at Facebook*


Please recite salawat to hasten the return of Imam al Hujjah (af)

Apologies in advance for inconvenien