Services and Collections

Every Shi’a community away from the homeland faces the lack of services specifically required by Shi’a rules and regulations. As it was the case before ISCQ came into being that our Shi’a brothers and sisters have faced the lack of those resources and services.

ISCQ is happy to inform Shi’a brothers and sisters that since we are united to overcome each other difficulties. We will not inshallah face such difficulties and lack of resources again.

The reason is that ISCQ will provide all Queensland Shi’a communities with services required by Shi’a brother and sister such as:

  • Burial
  • Marriage
  • Counseling
  • Sadqa goat slaughtering in Pakistan/Iran/Iraq
  • Kaza Namaz on behalf of dead family member
  • Fasting on behalf of dead family member
  • Quran recitation on behalf of dead family member
  • Ziarat on behalf of dead family member
  • Hajj on behalf of dead family member

Also ISCQ will assist the Shi’a community with the collection of:

  • Sadqa
  • Khums
  • Zakat
  • Fitra
  • Niaz/Nazzar
  • Charity
  • Fidya

Below is the list of Hadiya ISCQ is handling, the mentioned prices are in Australian Dollars. For your ease the link to currency converter has been provided at the end of the page:

Items Pakistan Iraq
Kaza Namaz $150 $300
Kaza Roza $150 $300
Quran Reading – Complete $100 $200
Sadqa Goat $110+ $200+ Min
Dinner of poor/Iftari $1 per head meal $10 per head per meal
Ration per family $50 per month $50 min


Additional Services Provided:

ISCQ helps all the members with regular
medical sessions in its premises by the help
of the doctor’s within the community. This
helps all the members of the community to
stay on top of good health and get proper
professional advice from the doctor’s at
their disposal.

ISCQ also offers weekend schools for all the youth
members in the community which helps
them to learn more about religion and
culture. It also helps in their personal
development to learn and respect various