Queensland – First Shia Islamic Centre

Congratulations and Mabrook to all of you! It is all thanks to ALLAH, that we are pleased to announce that Alhamdulillah the Logan Council has APPROVED our application to use the property at 50 Parramatta Road, Underwood as Brisbane’s First Shia Masjid/Centre and Mayat Ghusal Facilities


Shia Council  URGENTLY NEED FUNDS AUD $500,000 to enable us to renovate and proceed with this noble project for 12th IMAM AJF.

“Who is there among you who will lend to Allah a good loan that He may return it after multiplying it manifold? Allah alone can decrease and increase (wealth) and to Him you shall all return.” Quran Sura Al Baqarah 2:245
Your contribution will go a long way in materialising our dreams and securing the future of our children for generation to come InshaAllah
For any donation big or small will be highly appreciated

Bank Account Name Islamic Shia Council of Queensland
Bank Name Westpac Bank
Branch Name Toowong – Brisbane
Account No. 320791
BSB No. 034061

For further success of our project you are kindly requested to recite 5 times
Allah humma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad wa ajjel farajahom