Divorce Services

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We are sorry to inform that with immediate effect the Islamic Shia Council of Queensland (ISCQ) will no longer be able to continue to provide any assistance or services or any document for the Islamic Divorce. 


Divorce is not a favourable act, hence the voluntary community services provided by our matrimonial team has been stopped due to the increased number of Divorce cases, shortage of resources and lack of community assistance and support.


Regrettably as of today ( 23rd September 2021) No official divorce document will be issued nor any members of the ISCQ management, scholars and/or volunteers is authorised to issue any official document regarding the personal Divorce on behalf of the ISCQ. Any document issued will be considered null and void.


InshaAllah we will try our best to continue providing matrimonial, Funerals and various other services with the assistance and support of our dedicated community volunteers. We are always looking out for volunteers hence come forward and help us as our volunteers continued assistance and support is highly appreciated.


On behalf of 

ISCQ Elders



Allhamdolillah Shia Council has organised ‘Realise Your Potential’ RYP program for developing the YOUTH of our community in various trades. InshaAllah our Plan includes but not limited to:

• Organise training sessions
• Mentoring
• Assist in CV development
• Assist in Job placements

Please note that this is FREE of cost!

For enrolling in the program and for further information please contact Dr Issa Taqavi 0431088958 email info@iscq.org

Please try to inform your family and friends who have youths interested to participate in the program

Project 313 – Support your Islamic Center

Alhamdulillah, Shia of Queensland have been blessed with the Islamic Center. Islamic Center is introducing the new concept of stagnant fundraising to support the expenses for services provided by center throughout the year e.g. burial services, marriage services, other expenses (like electricity, water bills). Alhamdulillah there are individuals who have registered and would love to set aside a certain amount for Islamic Center every week.

This project is introducing the idea of minimum of fixed direct debit transaction from your bank account every week it can be anything from $1/week to maximum you can afford. It is the best of all the achievement that the person is increasing blessings by many folds in the court of Allah and Judgment day.

Please register for this Recurring payment by filling out form below.

May Allah give us strength to support our community and become part of Imam-e-Akhir (A.S.) mission.


Project 313 Subscription

Subscribe to Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Direct Debit Donation for fixed amount to help your Islamic centre.

  • Please Enter the amount you want to subscribe for and to be deducted from your account and select the Interval whether you want to get that amount deducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
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